Pastor of the Month

Pastor Ligthner


Born in Italy, Texas and the 3rd of four boys, Pastor Lightner is known as a quiet and powerful man.  When his mother decided to move to Dallas, they became associated with the "Pentecostal Church".  They were members of the Vineyard Church of God in Christ where he started playing the guitar at the age of 14.

As Pastor Lightner played for the church and was faithful with his gift and service, he began to realize that there was more to this than meets the eye. Eventually, he was more than just a musician. He gave his life to Christ and was called to the ministry at the age of 16, hence becoming a dedicated man of God.

Pastor Lightner has served as Pastor of the New Comforter Church of God in Christ for 38 years. The sanctuary at 1800 E. Illinois, Dallas, Texas has been the place of worship since 1981.  The original congregation was very small; however since then the church has experienced significant growth.

As the founder and organizer of the New Comforter Church, Pastor Lightner began his tenure at 1707 Overton Road. There, the membership remained for 7 years at which time the membership outgrew the building resulting in the acquisition of the church's present location.

Pastor Lightner's theological education was under the tutelage of the late Reverend W.E. Searuggs at the Vineyard Church of God in Christ. Under his guidance and supervision, Pastor Lightner received an in-depth and inspired education in biblical studies relating to the letter and spirit of the Holy Scriptures and doctrine, as well as the postulates and by-laws of the Churches of God in Christ. He served as minister at the Vineyard Church for 13 years prior to his present calling.

Appearing before the Ministerial Alliance of the Church in 1976, Pastor Lightner was licensed and ordained as a qualified Elder by the late Bishop F. L. Haynes, Senior Bishop of the Texas Northeast Jurisdiction of the Churches of God in Christ. He is now under the leadership of the successor, Bishop J. Neaul Haynes.

Pastor Lightner is in good standing with the church officials and practice and teach the doctrine of the church. As Pastor Lightner became an established elder and pastor, he also endeavored to establish model housing for the elderly. He along with the New Comforter Church materialized that dream. The Cedar Oaks Retirement Center has been open for occupancy since September, 2001 with 22 apartment units; and has been providing adequate housing for the elderly.

Along with catering to the seasoned, Pastor Lightner also decided to cater to the young. He along with the New Comforter Church opened the Cedar Oaks Child Development Center this year. This day care educates infants and toddlers up to age 5 with exemplary curriculums for both.

Pastor Lightner is married to Margie A. Lightner. They have been married for 47 years. To this union, they are blessed with four children: Monica (Kenneth), Charles (Andrea), Marcus (Erika) and Kervin (Terri). They have nine grandchildren and 1 great grandson to the complete the family.


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