Programming Schedule

Monday - Friday

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12:00AM 6:30AM Great Gospel Music
6:30AM 8:45AM Great Gospel Music w/Cassie Mack
8:45AM 9:00AM Greater Harvest COGIC w/Pastor Corby Bush
9:00AM 9:15AM Inspiring Body Of Christ - Pastor Rickie Rush
9:15AM 9:30AM Miracle Revival Hour - David Paul
9:30AM 10:00AM Nature's Formula
10:00AM 10:30AM Bible Way Community Church - Pastor T. J. Wilbert
10:30AM 11:30AM Hour Of Faith (Ideal Family Church) - Bishop Ray Campbell
11:30AM 11:45AM Aloe Man w/ Dr. J. L. Johnson
11:45AM 12:00PM New Comforter COGIC with Pastor Charles Lightner
12:00PM 12:15PM Showers Of Blessing (Full Gospel Holy Temple) - Evangelist Shirley Murray
12:15PM 12:30PM River Of Life - Bishop Robert Nichols, Jr.
12:30PM 1:00PM Third Avenue Baptist Church - Pastor Michael Pryor
1:00PM 1:30PM Mt. Tabor Baptist Church - Pastor S. C. Nash
1:30PM 2:00PM New Birth Baptist Church - Pastor George Pryor
2:00PM 2:15PM Kingdom Harvest COGIC - Pastor D. L. Coleman
2:15PM 2:30PM Gospel Across The World (Set Free Deliverance) --- Pastor Morris Rolfe
2:30PM 3:00PM Can I Keep It Real (Resurrection Body Of Christ) Pastor Eli Jacobs
3:00PM 3:15PM Abundant Spiritual Life - Pastor Maya Johnson
3:15PM 3:30PM James Broadnax Ministries w/ Pastor James Broadnax
3:30PM 4:00PM Lighthouse COGIC - Pastor Michael Clerkley
4:00PM 6:00PM Great Gospel Music w/Christy Wafer
6:00PM 12:00AM Off-Air


Start Finish Program
12:00AM 8:30AM Great Gospel Music
8:30AM 9:00AM Media Power
9:00AM 9:30AM This Is Your Life w/ Evang. Beulah Gill
9:30AM 10:00AM New Birth Baptist Church - Pastor George Pryor
10:00AM 10:15AM Evangel Temple w/ Minister Ken Murray
10:15AM 10:30AM Rhema Word Apostolic Church
10:30AM 10:45AM Praise Fellowship Church
10:45AM 11:00AM Mt. Moriah Baptist Church - Pastor J. C. Smith
11:00AM 11:15AM Rockbridge Bible Church with Pastor Timothy Jones
11:15AM 11:30AM Full Gospel Tabernacle - Pastor Darick Favors, Sr.
11:30AM 12:00PM Glorious Ministry with Gloria Horn
12:00PM 12:30PM Apostolic Triumphant Intl
12:30PM 1:00PM The Alternative Touch w/ Carl Robinson
1:00PM 1:30PM Media Power
1:30PM 1:45PM Progressive COGIC - Pastor Tommy Taylor
1:45PM 2:00PM Great Gospel Music
2:00PM 2:15PM Mount Zion Christ Holy Sanctified Church
2:15PM 2:30PM Abundant Life Ministries with Pastor Jonathan Sargent
2:30PM 3:00PM 2 Lights Media
3:00PM 3:15PM Greater Truevine COGIC with Pastor Charles Colbert
3:15PM 3:30PM Free COGIC - Pastor Peggy Davis
3:30PM 3:45PM Steven Temple COGIC - Pastor R. L. Asbury
3:45PM 4:00PM Great Gospel Music
4:00PM 4:15PM Jesus Pentecostal House Of Prayer - Pastor Willie Hendrix
4:15PM 4:30PM Ask Annie featuring Annie Role Real Estate
4:30PM 4:45PM Great Gospel Music
4:45PM 6:00PM Great Gospel Music w/Craig Beacham
6:00PM 12:00AM Off-Air


Start Finish Program
12:00AM 12:30AM Great Gospel Music
12:30AM 7:30AM Great Gospel Music
7:30AM 8:00AM Great Gospel Radio w/LaTonya Watson (Miss Victory)
8:00AM 8:30AM Rapture a Better Way Christian Center - Pastor Emmitt Lee
8:30AM 9:00AM Word Of Grace (Remnant Of Grace) - Pastor Van Medlock
9:00AM 9:30AM Greater Harvest COGIC w/Pastor Corby Bush
9:30AM 10:00AM Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church - Pastor Curtis Wallace
10:00AM 10:30AM Demonstrating God's Power with Pastor Sean Pinder
10:30AM 11:00AM Book of Acts with Pastor Cyde Morgan
11:00AM 12:00PM 2 Lights Media
12:00PM 12:30PM 2 Lights Media
12:30PM 1:30PM 2 Lights Media
1:30PM 2:00PM Great Gospel Music
2:00PM 2:30PM United Christian Fellowship
2:30PM 4:00PM 2 Lights Media
4:00PM 4:30PM Unity of Faith Christian Center
4:30PM 5:30PM East Gate Baptist Church - Pastor H. D. Reagan
5:30PM 6:00PM Great Gospel Music
6:00PM 12:00AM Off-Air